Our Journey

All journeys have a starting place. While we were engaged to be married in 1997, we agreed we wanted to take our relationship with Jesus seriously and began praying “here we are Lord…we want the e-ticket ride.”  This was definitely the beginning of our exhilarating ride!

In the next few years, we committed to getting out of debt and being generous with God’s stuff.  These were significant waypoints in our journey and continue to manifest themselves today.  As promised, they brought freedom, joy and opportunities beyond our wildest imagination.

For our second wedding anniversary, we decided to invest in our marriage by attending a marriage retreat at Forest Falls, CA described as a “bed and breakfast with a purpose”.  The experience was relaxing, peaceful and memorable.  We saw up close what the environment did to open people up to God and to each other. As small group leaders, we saw how time together created more opportunities for God to work in people’s lives.  This experience combined our passions of leadership, small groups and time together for experiencing God.

We began to incorporate conversational, relational style mentoring into our own teaching and mentoring.  We began to dream about how this type of experience could be available and affordable to the wider body of Christ.

As time progressed, our desire to provide a peaceful, relaxing and memorable experience began to intensify.  Various forays into renting facilities or utilizing hotels or B & B’s to achieve our goal, while helpful in building relationships, fell short of what we believed could be achieved with a dedicated place to meet and gather.

The Dream was big and costly and outside our limited ability to see how it could come to fruition.  Yet, as we held our dream and finances in open hands before Him, God was making a way for the dream He had for us if we were willing to step into it.  In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and counterintuitively, we were able to purchase The Waypoint at Colony Mountain.

Overlooking the beautiful Skagit Valley and Samish Bay, our home is that peaceful respite that  we had dreamed about and even more than we had thought possible. Located on 4-¼ acres of partially wooded and open property, with sweeping water and mountain views, this 10 bedroom retreat provides an opportunity for casual conversation, comfortable small group spaces and even a barn well suited to hosting larger groups of 20-50 for a meal or a meeting as appropriate.

The Waypoint at Colony Mountain is our home, not a business.  It provides an opportunity for us to exercise our gift of hospitality and passion for encouraging individuals, couples and leaders with whom we find ourselves in relationships.  We revel in enabling moments of encouragement and challenge that God will use to forever change the direction of those lives and hearts that are open to His leading. It is a place where our story and your story intersect as God continues to write His story.

Chris & Meg Chesley


Building Fulfilled Lives